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What is otitis?

Otitis is a general term indicating an inflammation of the ear more commonly found in children than adults. There are different types of otitis depending on which part of the ear is inflamed (inner, middle or outer), and the origins of the infection:


baguetteExternal otitis caused by infections, insect bites, scratches or minor injuries, burns or chapping, or in people with eczema or psoriasis.


baguetteOtitis media results from a flu, a cold, a change of pressure (flight or scuba diving) or a contact with infected water (swimming pool).


baguetteInternal otitis may result from chronic otitis media, allergies or other types of infections (meningitis, sinusitis, etc…).


 External and otitis media infections can be classified according to their repetition. Therefore there are :

Otitis classification



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