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How to use Otipax® ?

For pain relief in acute otitis media with intact eardrum, usual dosage is 3 to 4 gouttes of Otipax® in the auditory canal 2 or 3 times a day. Treatment must be limited to 10 days. After time, you will have to see the doctor again to reassess the initial diagnosis.

Adults can also suffer from acute otitis media. It is usually barotrauma otitis (developed during a flight or scuba diving, see section about "acute otitis media").

Otipax® is also suitable for adults at the same dosage as for children.

Useful tips :

To have a better administration, tilt your children's head opposed direction when administering the product. Otipax® drops also go down to the bottom of the auditory canal through the eardrum. The position must be held for several seconds after administration. To avoid contact with cold liquid in the ear, it is recommended to heat Otipax® bottle between hands before use.

Storage conditions for Otipax® :

Otipax® contraindications